27 Dec 2008

new year~

I hope everyone had a happy christmas~

new shop banner~

I have been (and still am!) busy with doll commissions, as always details are on the forum Den of Angels or here for non-members :)

illustration work on etsy has been put on hold because of the above reason ^^^

and for 'casual' pictures and photography please feel free to visit my flickr page!

8 Oct 2008

Doll Commissions

I've opened up a doll commission shop~

Information on Den of Angels (international doll forum)

or here for non-members


coming soon ~ viridian.house etsy shop

30 Sep 2008

Am liking squares at the moment...
also starting to watermark my images.

19 Sep 2008

I tried to make a pair of jeans~
I love textiles and fashion... but I just can't sew!! It's too hard to keep sewing neat :| yup

ps. the lovely dress is by Tanya , I oh so sneakily hid the messy messy waistband under it ;)

17 May 2008


this is so awesome - watch it! watch it now!

13 May 2008

click it!

"I used to try to get out of this planet
in my old
I was trying to find another place to live
with my little bird"

by kotringo:

For article - How to Stare Death in the Face

6 May 2008

These turned out pretty crap but I had a lot of fun making them! \('-')/

13 Apr 2008

~Work in Progress~
Pages from 'Cinderella'. There's still work to do on these, and some others not shown, including things like character/outfit re-design and text application. :-0


Taken at Gullane Bay