13 Apr 2008

~Work in Progress~
Pages from 'Cinderella'. There's still work to do on these, and some others not shown, including things like character/outfit re-design and text application. :-0


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

These are looking good! ^-^ the colours all work nicely,

I like in the middle double page spread how the pattern in the background linking the two characters together.
How the prince sends his invitation and cinderella is worrying waht putfit to wear as a result

I also like how you've used different patterns for all the legs on the bottom left pic and butterfly appearing before cinderella:D

Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces,
keep up the good work!:D

Jennifer said...

Wow these look great!!! I wish I could think of something interesting or helpful to say, but I can't - but I still want to say how fab they are! :D