19 Dec 2009

not finished yet... & merry christmas!

faceup progress, still figuring out best layout~

also, here is a christmas song for you all!

happy holidays!

12 Dec 2009

work in progress...

I'm doing a short & simple guide on how I paint dolls, so look out for that soon~!

18 Nov 2009

just an update

some photos from autumn ~ winter seems to have just happened so suddenly!

and a little progress on my unoa. i'm still very busy with commissions so i'm just doing a bit at a time whenever i'm free :)
(I've sanded the eyes and carved a more exaggerated lip shape)

18 Oct 2009

happy unoa day

my unoa lusis arrived on Friday!
I assembled her that night (couldn't wait :P) except for the faceplate - I'll be modifying it and painting it after I've finished my commission work. Here is shushu meeting her for the first time, thinking "what is this freak".

I can't wait to start making clothes!

1st task will be... socks!

21 Aug 2009

Pearly Dewdrops' Drops

better quality versions are on my flickr

I came joint first in DoA's 'Angelic Faceup' Contest!
My theme & inspiration was 'celestial'

I lost out to the tiebreaker of rock paper scissors though
should have chosen spock!

Also, here is the shushu I mentioned in the earlier post ~

I modified the nose and mouth - carved in the shape and teeth,
then painted her of course!

29 Jul 2009


Here's a look into a picture I'm doing for a competition... very WIP at the moment! Don't have much time to work on it - currently just nights since I'm so busy with faceup commissions right now~
Need to fix the symmetry - when I've finished the linework, I mirror the image to see the mistakes easier and then fix them.

see the imaginative titles I give stuff~

And here's the original sketch - in future I'd like to work more on perfecting the drawing first before going into photoshop, might make doing the linework easier & quicker.

The finished piece won't look anything like this!

The Fin in my last post sold and has arrived at it's new home! Now I just have to wait 6-8 months for my Unoa Lusis -___-;
In between commissons I've also been working on my own dolls - I've done a different kind of mod on the little Shushu which I'll hopefully have pictures of soon~

And I've been thinking about designing & sculpting my own design for a doll head... will probably start on this in Winter when doing faceups is more difficult because of the damp, cold weather & poor light. I'm quite excited about this but don't want to talk too much about it because I know a lot of doll owners at one point try to sculpt their own and it turns out rubbish - I don't want to be one of those people!!

20 Apr 2009

Paris part 1

Trip to Paris - La Défense district :

Le Grande Arche :

(it was so big I should have had a wide-angle lens!!)

more at my flickr here

15 Apr 2009

Akino Arai Live in Paris 2009!

I met a Goddess!
She was wonderful ~ I've written about it in my other journal here

Loved Paris so much - I have to go again someday soon! I'll be posting pictures of the places we went soon, just had to do the AA pictures first~ :)
Not ready to get back into work yet :( ...but have to if I'm going to try and go to her concerts this Summer in Japan!

27 Mar 2009

photo dump

~some photos which have been sitting in unorganised folders for months... my computer is such a mess ~ I keep thinking 'there's no point sorting it out when I'm buying a new one soon'. Logic fails me :---0

I can't decide - new laptop or airbrush (for doll painting) ?_?

I love this (doll outfit perfection) so much ~ 0h to have money!

22 Feb 2009

some art (full images!)

Well, here are the full images~!
I'm so rusty at this art thing since finishing uni :( So this is the first step towards my New Years resolution - to draw more! I need to totally rebuild my portfolio~

17 Feb 2009

some art

A sneak peek at 2 images I'm entering into a competition!
I'm just glad to have a reason to draw again, I've been so busy with dolls I've lost focus on what I should be doing... I want to use my illustration degree for something! haha

Speaking of dolls I've updated my lj with more commissions : here

4 Feb 2009

Akino Arai

My biggest inspiration...

3-4 years ago I missed out on the chance of going to her concert but I'm not missing it this time!

27 Jan 2009

You know a...

A recent commission I did for a lovely lady in Canada~
These dolls in the picture are called 'Unoa' and I really want to buy my own in the next pre-order!

I'm hoping to buy a faster computer soon too, so look out for more of my illustrations!
(I have a few unfinished ones right now, but I'll never complete them because my current computer is too slow to handle anything at 300dpi!)

5 Jan 2009

more doll facts

I finished my first doll modification the other day, and I've painted her too~

Her eyes were originally completely closed so I had to cut through the resin using a small sharp knife, and then sanded and refined the shape using very tiny files (games workshop) and micro-fine sandpaper. Also carved slight eyelids.

(The colours in this are supposed to be like the film 2046 ~ I think I might name her after one of the characters)

From my personal collection, I have to get as much done on my own dolls before all the January commissions come in!