4 Feb 2009

Akino Arai

My biggest inspiration...

3-4 years ago I missed out on the chance of going to her concert but I'm not missing it this time!


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

cool! I hope you make it this time:D
If you go I hope she performs 'Saksama no niji' or 'hiru no tsuki' those are my favourite songs (oh and 'kirei na kanjou'^0^)

Caroline said...

I'm definitely going this time - tickets are bought and everythings booked + organised!! I've been waiting for this ever since last time lol~
it'd be nice if she plays those (hiro no tuski was in the Tokyo concert so maybe she will!), I think this time she'll be playing a few from her new album ^_^~
I can't wait! :D