15 Apr 2009

Akino Arai Live in Paris 2009!

I met a Goddess!
She was wonderful ~ I've written about it in my other journal here

Loved Paris so much - I have to go again someday soon! I'll be posting pictures of the places we went soon, just had to do the AA pictures first~ :)
Not ready to get back into work yet :( ...but have to if I'm going to try and go to her concerts this Summer in Japan!


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Wow, Awesome you actually got to meet your hero! Congratualtions^-^ Pretty cool how she came down to the cafe in person to meet the fans in person & speak to them for a bit
Glad you had a good trip,
Alot of Japsnese artists seem to play in Paris/Europe from what I hear from people,
Looks like you had alot of fun in Paris and at the concert, One for 'the greatest moments in your life'?:D

Caroline said...

Hi Andy~! I was just thinking about sending you a message because she played Hiru no Tsuki and it was so beautiful! Just her on the piano and the violin~
Meeting her + the concert are definitely THE greatest moments of my life! Paris was so lovely too - I can understand why many artists want to play there :) I have loads of pics which I'm editing now to upload!

Shu said...

=^o^= Akino-chan !!! *_*

I also think that Akino-chan is a goddess ! *o*
She's so pretty and nice... I've never seen someone like her... Living in her own world, full of dream and so peaceful, safe...

Was it your first Akino-chan's live in paris or were you also here in 2006 ?


Caroline said...

Hi Shu~
Yes it was my first time seeing her - last time she was in Paris I was just a student and had no money!
At least I have the cd of that performance so I didn't totally miss out :D

She is so wonderful - I must see her again even if it means going all the way to Japan!