27 May 2009

some recent pictures...


Jennie said...

I love those dolls. I also love Paris!

Lovely blog!

Javmango said...

ure work has come on so much now its great :) im always seeing stace (darklemoner) looking at it, i think she find ure work inspirational. oh btw when she reads this she WILL kill me :)

Caroline said...

@Jennie - Thank you! Dolls & Paris are both super~! ^_^

@Javmango - Thanks!
I'm never happy with my work though.. typical 'artist' hehe -_-;

lol, I won't tell! I do think it's good to look at other pictures and feel inspired... me, I just get depressed because everyone else is so awesome!

Jennie said...

Well I think your work is lovely.

Good luck with it all!