21 Aug 2009

Pearly Dewdrops' Drops

better quality versions are on my flickr

I came joint first in DoA's 'Angelic Faceup' Contest!
My theme & inspiration was 'celestial'

I lost out to the tiebreaker of rock paper scissors though
should have chosen spock!

Also, here is the shushu I mentioned in the earlier post ~

I modified the nose and mouth - carved in the shape and teeth,
then painted her of course!


Starla said...

I absolutely adore your Shushu. She is such a stunner.

I would love to commission you in the future - I'm keeping an eye on your DOA thread (I'm akaStarla on there btw).

Caroline said...

Thank you Starla~!

Your Shushu twins are very lovely too! ♥