29 Jul 2009


Here's a look into a picture I'm doing for a competition... very WIP at the moment! Don't have much time to work on it - currently just nights since I'm so busy with faceup commissions right now~
Need to fix the symmetry - when I've finished the linework, I mirror the image to see the mistakes easier and then fix them.

see the imaginative titles I give stuff~

And here's the original sketch - in future I'd like to work more on perfecting the drawing first before going into photoshop, might make doing the linework easier & quicker.

The finished piece won't look anything like this!

The Fin in my last post sold and has arrived at it's new home! Now I just have to wait 6-8 months for my Unoa Lusis -___-;
In between commissons I've also been working on my own dolls - I've done a different kind of mod on the little Shushu which I'll hopefully have pictures of soon~

And I've been thinking about designing & sculpting my own design for a doll head... will probably start on this in Winter when doing faceups is more difficult because of the damp, cold weather & poor light. I'm quite excited about this but don't want to talk too much about it because I know a lot of doll owners at one point try to sculpt their own and it turns out rubbish - I don't want to be one of those people!!