10 Dec 2010

December sketchbook

Some pages from my sketchbook!

And I've also done an interview for BJD Magazine, check it out!

9 Nov 2010


the finished versions of those pictures I posted a while back~

and this one was just a little experiment with watercolour & photoshop brushes

27 Sep 2010

2 WIPs

two sketches~
  onto photoshop now! 

{model ref used for 2nd pic}

10 Sep 2010

got stuck on this one, ended up overworked & messy :c
might go back and change it later on.

31 Aug 2010

more scribbles

I've been working on several (!) drawings the past week and a half and I'm feeling myself getting back into the groove c:

This is the first one, just a simple one really, I've almost finished two others which I'm happier with, but I thought I'd post this first.

I've got a new desk which gives me more space to work on, and it looks pretty too which is inspiring & motivating! I must have neat & tidiness when I work - can't stand messy clutter as I find it very... constricting, I think?

30 Jul 2010


Back from my weekend down south! I didn't take my camera so I don't have many pictures - I think I'd like to get a decent compact camera just so I don't have to lug around the dslr all the time...

 [taken from the car lol]

Also, check out this month's Digital Artist magazine!


The past two weeks I've spent de-cluttering my room and I've bought another desk too, so I'm all ready to get back into illustration now that I've got a good 'space' for it ^^
 Oh and one last thing, I've changed my primary email address to littleflowersinthedirt [at] gmail.com instead of that awful hotmail one!

19 Jun 2010


Still busy with doll painting...
But here are my own dolls, snapshots taken over the course the past few months c:

16 Jun 2010

it's a tuesday night music post

cocteau twins
just a couple of my favourites...

 know who you are at every age

carolyn's fingers

cico buff

 love's easy tears 

and two of my favourite live perfomances c:

orange appled


ella megalast burls forever

5 May 2010

finished drawings

I finally finished those pictures I posted before...
Not happy but it's a start c:

This month I'm not going to get stressed with commissions! I worry too much and think that any free time I have to draw should be spent working instead, so I'll stop doing that. Well, I'll try to :P

3 May 2010

trees & water


and then

(these were taken with my phone so the quality is questionable!)

21 Apr 2010

drawing again..

having a break from commission work so I've been trying to do some drawing again... it's been so long that I've hit a sort of stump, haven't progressed in style/technique at all in the past year and I just wish I had the drive to get into it more~

so here are some work in progress pics - I've even got a few more sketches waiting to be photographed so hopefully I'll get them done before I start work again!

And while I've been on holiday I've made friends with mr.cat :3

meow meow!

16 Jan 2010

making things

slowly learning to crochet! first practice piece, modeled so lovingly by my unoa lusis :3


also started to learning how to use my sewing machine - I said I would make some socks and I did! so far I've made these thigh high ones, and also some ankle socks.

Next up is a dress!