21 Apr 2010

drawing again..

having a break from commission work so I've been trying to do some drawing again... it's been so long that I've hit a sort of stump, haven't progressed in style/technique at all in the past year and I just wish I had the drive to get into it more~

so here are some work in progress pics - I've even got a few more sketches waiting to be photographed so hopefully I'll get them done before I start work again!

And while I've been on holiday I've made friends with mr.cat :3

meow meow!


Javmango said...

cool, ive been waiting some time to see some more drawings, try and force yourself to do one like twice a month or something. your so good its such a waste if u don't. I love cats, cats and i have some sort of understanding, i even get on with some ferral cats which is strange.

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

First drawing getting back in to it is always the hardest, but once you get back into the flow of it you'll wanna draw more and as a result it'll improve!:D
Looking good, the eyes have a really nice shape, keep it up!:D
that cat has such an awesome expression in that photo^0^

Michael Oshins said...

They look spectacular. Are you using CS5?

Deb said...

hello caroline. your first drawings in a while look great. just keep working at it and you will get over the 'hump' bit of it. it is and can be hard but once you keep drawing it will get easier and more enjoyable in time.dx.

Caroline said...

@tom, that was actually my plan for the new year! i was supposed to draw one thing a month... I just got lazy I think - picking up camera and taking photos is so much easier than creating my own picture ~_~
I thought I loved cats too, but I've been around this guy non-stop the past week and i've come to the conclusion that I never want to own a pet! :3

@andy, thank you! starting out with little drawings has been a big help - simplicity is the key!
heh heh, he looks a bit angry in that pic but he's really just meowing at me~ :P

@michael, thanks! no, I've just got lil ol' CS4~ don't plan on getting CS5 unless I win the lottery!

@deb, thank you! yeah, I've been starting with just little sketches and working from there, still feel realllly rusty though! the doll work is quite draining so I should learn to take breaks from that more often I think :) (the lure of money is too strong!)