5 May 2010

finished drawings

I finally finished those pictures I posted before...
Not happy but it's a start c:

This month I'm not going to get stressed with commissions! I worry too much and think that any free time I have to draw should be spent working instead, so I'll stop doing that. Well, I'll try to :P


Javmango said...

looking good lass, keep it up :D would it help if i just b**ch at you every month if you don't draw something? haha :P

Caroline said...

thanks :3 and nooooo, not a fan of the tough love!
what I need is to keep my sketchbook in sight & on my desk - I usually like to keep things tidy so my sketchbook was hidden away in a box for ages = bad!!

lakhsmita indira said...

beautiful lady.
beautiful blog.
beautiful dolls.
beautiful pictures.
beautiful cocteau.

lakhsmita indira said...

sigh's smell of farewell
frosty the snowman
pearly dewdrops' drops

i used to do the same thing to my pictures.

where is Eperdu?

lakhsmita indira said...

hope you dont mind if i follow?

Juanita said...

Lovely, have you thought of printing them on to transfers then spraying them on wood or stone. It would totally highlight the beautiful simplistic structure of your work. Either way, so love it, thank you .

Check out my blog;)

SKIZO said...


Javmango said...

hey caroline, just pestering you to do more drawings, i'm only doing it cos i think your work is ace :P

on another note i just read your "10 random facts" on your flickr pic. I really wish i had gotten to know you better when we started uni :/ its one of my major regrets...

Caroline said...

lakhsmita indira@ of course I don't mind! cocteau twins music is so inspirational to me, sometimes I can't believe how beautiful they sound :)

Juanita & SKIZO@ thank you ^^

Tom@ aaah thanks for the poke, is it really June already! so much time has passed since my last blog... I'm afraid I've done exactly what I said I wouldn't do - get stressed out with commissions! I took on too many, just can't say no :P
I've got a WIP somewhere, I'll try to work on that soon :)
It means a lot to me what you & others have said about my flickr facts :) When will time travel be invented for real!

Javmango said...

pfffft tell me about it, i keep waiting for that time machine to turn up but... bahh daft scientists.

oh and the other thing about your flickr facts, your right your not a 'pretty person', your beautiful, you really are ;) (im soooo going to get massively embarrassed after posting this..)

charu said...

Loved the way you paint your dolls.. they are so pretty..!! and this is something that I never came across..very unique.. :)

Caroline said...

Tom@ oh and don't forget it has to be a time machine + transporter! http://www.geekologie.com/2010/05/06/time-travel-full.jpg

and there's no need to be embarrassed! people like to hear things like that :) (even though I really doubt how true it is)

charu@ thank you!

ambra said...

I like the first one very much! The girl reminds me of Crepax's Valentina!

Javmango said...

lol i've only just remembered to check if you responded to what i posted. haha i loved the link ;)