30 Jul 2010


Back from my weekend down south! I didn't take my camera so I don't have many pictures - I think I'd like to get a decent compact camera just so I don't have to lug around the dslr all the time...

 [taken from the car lol]

Also, check out this month's Digital Artist magazine!


The past two weeks I've spent de-cluttering my room and I've bought another desk too, so I'm all ready to get back into illustration now that I've got a good 'space' for it ^^
 Oh and one last thing, I've changed my primary email address to littleflowersinthedirt [at] gmail.com instead of that awful hotmail one!


Javmango said...

what dlsr do you use when you have it with you? make, model (i know cameras so you don't need to dumb it down hehe)

Caroline said...

Javmango@ Canon 400D so it's really outdated - I got it when I was at uni and it was soooo great at the time! That's the trouble with digital, a year later and it's practically obsolete :(

My dad used to be a photographer and he's got tons of Nikon lenses, so when I have a bit more money I'll get a Nikon so I can take advantage of that :) At the moment I've only got the Canon kit lens & 50mm 1.8... I'm itching to have a macro and a zoom lens though!

Javmango said...

400d isnt that outdated, ok so most people are now moving onto the 450d. but a lot can still be done on the 400d its still a semi pro camera.

i can see a macro being quite handy for you :)

i bought stace a 40d about a 2 year ago and shes quite liking that

Sympathy For The Devil said...

congrats! :))

libys11 said...

aaahh beautiful! :D

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