31 Aug 2010

more scribbles

I've been working on several (!) drawings the past week and a half and I'm feeling myself getting back into the groove c:

This is the first one, just a simple one really, I've almost finished two others which I'm happier with, but I thought I'd post this first.

I've got a new desk which gives me more space to work on, and it looks pretty too which is inspiring & motivating! I must have neat & tidiness when I work - can't stand messy clutter as I find it very... constricting, I think?


Sympathy for the Devil said...

my desk too is such a mess xD

the drawing is beautiful, do you always sketch first before painting the dolls?

Sympathy for the Devil said...

oh btw, i like your blog new look!

Deb said...

i saw a bit of your sketchbook the other week - maybe on fllickr or facebook. glad to see you are picking up a pencil and drawing just for you. keep at it - this one is great. love the eyes. dx.

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Lovely eyes and plus you always draw such nice hair:D
Good stuff on the new desk I hope many good things will come now that you have it^-^ more space the better!
Keep up the good work

*Inspire566* said...

I agree! A messy desk means a messy mind. Congrats on the beautiful piece.