25 Jan 2011


Some more works in progress :

And the project for 2011, working with clay :

I thought it would be fun to share a picture of my workspace too!

Added notes on flickr so you can see what everything is here.

I started life drawing classes last week, it's a ten week course so hopefully at the end I'll have some good stuff to show! It'll help with the doll-making too I think, I really need to improve anatomy.


Valerie said...

Your workspace is so beautiful!! <3 Lovely sketch too~

Caroline said...

Thank you Valerie!
Love your blog & artwork :)

Bunnie said...

Very cosy workspace :) I woundlt want to get out of that comfy chair ^_^

Christin White said...

awww caroline your workspace is AMAZING it looks so calm and relaxing i love it! <3