24 Feb 2011

new doll & my doll

Limhwa Toyou Sara
My latest doll, bought her a few weeks ago - she's only 27cm! (My two other dolls are 43cm)


And still working on this project, have been since New Years. Progress is slow but I've gone from having absolutely no clue as to how they are made, to understanding a little ^^;

I see this more as a practice piece rather than 'this is going to be a doll'.


Sympathy for The Devil said...

I always enjoy seeing work in progress!!!
The latest doll is so so pretty...


have a lovely weekend!

Caroline said...

thanks very much!

you too :)

c said...

your doll looks so sweet. what are you using to sculpt her? :)

Maya said...

Hi .. I have a question .. where you can buy a doll 27cm Limhwa toyou? I'm looking and looking but can not find .. I will be grateful for your reply:)

Caroline said...

c ~ thanks! I'm using Das air dry clay at the moment :)

Maya ~ unfortunately she's not available to buy from Limhwa, the international dealer has done a runner so no one is receiving orders (yet she's still taking money >_>) There's more info on Den of Angels or the blog here : http://dollfair2010.blogspot.com/
It's such a shame and I hope Limhwa will be able to recover & offer her dolls for sale again!