22 Jun 2011


more drawings from this month,

 and now some other bits and pieces!

last night was MORRISSEY!
he played my favourite song...

I even bought a new dress for the occasion!

and onto dolls, the modification on my other doll worked out well so I'm doing the same to this one now ^^

lets end on a musical note~


...Hane... said...

I really like yours drawings, modifications and dollfie photos and makeups :) Really good job!!!
If you have a free time feel free to visit my blog and sites :)

Jennifer Seales said...

Loving the new drawings!

Javmango said...

you seem to be drawing a lot more these days :)

Caroline said...

thank you Hane~! I really liked those cut out pictures you did not long ago :)

Jen - I'm being inspired by those really old photos you took of me!

Tom - ah it comes and goes! I think now that I'm more comfortable with myself I feel less guilty about choosing this career path, rather than getting a 'proper job' :)