7 Sep 2011

September's custom work

I repainted the Minifee Woosoo I used for the shadow faceup, her face was calling to me for a new look!
I also opened the eyes & reshaped the mouth

I will be selling this head soon~

And now here is my new tower of organisation!
Lots of doll heads incoming so the empty drawers will soon be filled ^^

I like to have a nice clean space on my desk before I start work, so this keeps all the bits and pieces stored away underneath for easy access.


Benjamin said...

Where will you sell her ? ^___^

Erica Rielle said...

she's so pretty! <3 the way you open your dolls' eyes amazes me all the time

Caroline said...

Ben~ probably over on DoA, I think doing an auction might be too stressful! ^^;

thank you Erica~!


Benjamin said...

Aaaaaw... so sad I don't have the DOA market........ :(

Benjamin said...

Why not on flickr ?

Caroline said...

Ben~ well DoA has the largest 'audience' so she's more likely to sell that way! I can't sell on flickr because it's against the t&c and I could get my account deleted :(

If you're interested you're welcome to send me an offer!

Benjamin said...

Ooooh that would be great, but honestly, I've no idea about the price... It's always hard for me to make an offer... xD
Anyway, hope you'll sell her and that she'll make you earn a big hug amount of money ! <3