19 Sep 2011


Last week my sister and I looked through a box of old photos, there were lots of pretty pictures of my mother so I'll be uploading some of them in the near future. Here are a couple of my favourites ~ so stylish!

And I've been working on that WIP I posted before along with plenty of dolly commissions, the idea has changed since last time - there will be no plants or insects, but there will be another type of flying creature ^^

My Cocteau Twins postcard collection is coming along nicely~ now I need to find some wall space!

7 Sep 2011

September's custom work

I repainted the Minifee Woosoo I used for the shadow faceup, her face was calling to me for a new look!
I also opened the eyes & reshaped the mouth

I will be selling this head soon~

And now here is my new tower of organisation!
Lots of doll heads incoming so the empty drawers will soon be filled ^^

I like to have a nice clean space on my desk before I start work, so this keeps all the bits and pieces stored away underneath for easy access.

2 Sep 2011


This August was the DoA doll community's 7th anniversary, and like the last two years there were a series of contests held for different skills.
I entered the faceup contest on the theme of 'shadows' and my piece was voted first place!

I tried to incorporate my illustration style of work into it, and used pencils to sketch in the shadows like I would on a drawing.