9 Dec 2012

news at viridian house

I will be painting the faceups for the lovely Dust of Dolls!
Here is what they have to say~

"Pre-Orders will start tomorow morning at 10 pm (french hour), and they will end the 24th of december, with no limit of number. 
Lünn and Khöl are available in white skin and normal skin, the amazing faceups from Viridian House (Caroline Seales) can be ordered easily, and our talented friend Plume Blanche Créations worked a lot to do some very cute outfits for our Appi girls!
We hope you will all be satisfied! ♥"

So please visit Dust of Dolls before the pre-order finishes!

25 Jul 2012

July ~ August

Updated my faceup gallery a couple of days ago~ I've recently painted a few Volks Michele dolls and this has quickly become my favourite sculpt ever ^^

And a quick update on commissions - will be working through July and opening again in August after I'm back from my short trip to see.... Elizabeth Fraser!!
I can't really explain just how much it will mean to me to see her perform live... I'll be taking a trip down to Bath for the first concert, and then onto London for two more at the Meltdown festival.

Once I'm back I'll open up shop again. I also might have a new doll to show off by that time :P


11 Jan 2012


despite the busy times I haven't forgotten about drawing~ and here are two WIPs to prove it!

the good new for 2012 is that I have moved into my own flat.
right now I'm still enjoying putting my own stamp on the place~


and this is me on new years eve!
the opening of 2012 was spent at my cousin's wedding.

I have good feelings about this year!