21 Oct 2013

little photos

Just a little entry here, I got another Makie doll a couple of months ago when they were still offering blank only dolls.

And I've done a little customisation work on my own Dust of Dolls Khöl. Later on I plan to paint some patterns or tattoos all over her body, I can't hide that beautiful body under clothes!

31 Jul 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro

Last month I decided to purchase the Surface Pro - I've been a Mac user since I was 18 (now 26) so of course I was very unsure about switching!
Here it is straight out the box...

And a short clip of it in use...

The main reason for buying it I think, was the digitised pen; the fact that I can draw directly on it and it's not just a graphics tablet & monitor in one - its a whole PC. I can do everything on it.
As an artist, I love being able just to sketch, or do more serious digital art, and also do what I do most often : photo editing. The responsiveness and technique is better than my Wacom Intuos which I used with my MacBook Pro.
If Apple made a similar product then of course I'd jump on it, but it doesn't look like they're going to produce anything like this.
So for now I'm very happy with my purchase!

13 Jul 2013


June 21st - 23rd
A selection of photos from a weekend trip to Berlin.

12 Jun 2013


A few weeks ago I heard about a UK company, Makies, making customisable dolls by 3D printing, so of course I was intrigued and had to try it out for myself!
The way it works is you get to select the gender, and then adjust a number of facial parameters such as expression, nose length, mouth width and other features using a slider system - kind of like when you create characters in some games. Then it gets 3D printed and sent to you.
First thing I did - take it apart! The body is quite crude, for example the elbows don't bend despite there being a joint. I'd seen some really cool customisations done so I was eager to start painting.

Unlike the resin dolls I usually paint, this Makie has the skin colour coated on so I was hoping to sand down the raised brows but found this a problem when the white underneath was revealed.

I continued on with my usual process and used the Vallejo matt varnish with pastels and acrylics.

And here she is finished!


Close up shot of the faceup

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm glad you all like her!
I've had a fiddle about with the elbows again and it turns out they do indeed bend. (I just wasn't using enough force) Here are some more shots of her new found poseability ^^
Thanks for the tip Makielab!


28 May 2013

Just a quick update

I've been using my new commission system for about a month now and it's been really great!
I hope everyone who has used it so far has found it to be user friendly and simple to use.
I've had a couple of questions from people asking if I'm open or have available slots - the answer is yes, always!
You can click the link at the top of the page for 'faceup commission' and you will be taken through the process of ordering.

Here's a picture of some of my new promo cards from moo.com - I love the mini size, cute and simple! Hope you like them too ♥

9 May 2013

competition time!

Head over to the Viridian House facebook page to take part in an exciting competition to win two of my illustration prints!

To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is:
Like the Viridian House Facebook page.
Like and Share the post linked here.

On Friday I will randomly select a winner. Good luck!

I've also updated the VH etsy shop and now you can purchase the prints as a set of four.

New artwork and merchandise will be coming soon too~!