21 Oct 2013

little photos

Just a little entry here, I got another Makie doll a couple of months ago when they were still offering blank only dolls.

And I've done a little customisation work on my own Dust of Dolls Khöl. Later on I plan to paint some patterns or tattoos all over her body, I can't hide that beautiful body under clothes!


Amy Kitchen said...

Your work on your DoD is STUNNING! Can't wait to see her with her body art. ;) Your makies are gorgeous as well!

Caterina Jun said...

It's incredible the work you've done with the Makies, you really took a pitiful sculpt and turned it in something nice, but may i ask what drove you to the Makies? I still fail to see the appeal of them.

Caroline said...

Thank you Amy!

Caterina, I know what you mean! For me, I want to support a UK company starting out in the (almost) BJD world - and also because of the 3D printing aspect. There is so much potential in this technology and to use it in this way to build a custom doll is something that I find exciting!