12 Jun 2013


A few weeks ago I heard about a UK company, Makies, making customisable dolls by 3D printing, so of course I was intrigued and had to try it out for myself!
The way it works is you get to select the gender, and then adjust a number of facial parameters such as expression, nose length, mouth width and other features using a slider system - kind of like when you create characters in some games. Then it gets 3D printed and sent to you.
First thing I did - take it apart! The body is quite crude, for example the elbows don't bend despite there being a joint. I'd seen some really cool customisations done so I was eager to start painting.

Unlike the resin dolls I usually paint, this Makie has the skin colour coated on so I was hoping to sand down the raised brows but found this a problem when the white underneath was revealed.

I continued on with my usual process and used the Vallejo matt varnish with pastels and acrylics.

And here she is finished!


Close up shot of the faceup

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm glad you all like her!
I've had a fiddle about with the elbows again and it turns out they do indeed bend. (I just wasn't using enough force) Here are some more shots of her new found poseability ^^
Thanks for the tip Makielab!