31 Jul 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro

Last month I decided to purchase the Surface Pro - I've been a Mac user since I was 18 (now 26) so of course I was very unsure about switching!
Here it is straight out the box...

And a short clip of it in use...

The main reason for buying it I think, was the digitised pen; the fact that I can draw directly on it and it's not just a graphics tablet & monitor in one - its a whole PC. I can do everything on it.
As an artist, I love being able just to sketch, or do more serious digital art, and also do what I do most often : photo editing. The responsiveness and technique is better than my Wacom Intuos which I used with my MacBook Pro.
If Apple made a similar product then of course I'd jump on it, but it doesn't look like they're going to produce anything like this.
So for now I'm very happy with my purchase!

13 Jul 2013


June 21st - 23rd
A selection of photos from a weekend trip to Berlin.