2 Sep 2014

Dollism and Diamonds

I am pleased to say that I'll be taking part in the Faceup Workshop for Dollism Plus USA!

I'll be travelling to America as part of an epic vacation with Alex, and the convention fits into the first half of the trip.
So, I'll be spending four days in New York city, three in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, then driving through upstate New York over another four days (and staying in a gorgeous cottage!) and then flying down to Orlando for five days to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios (Harry Potter land woo!).

Before that though, I've been working hard on a few projects to complete before we leave. August was Den of Angels 10th anniversary, so again I took part in the annual faceup contest! (Just for fun since I've won the past two years :P)
This years theme was Diamonds and/or Tin.

It was really fun to experiment with themes I wouldn't normally work with.

Better get back to work now!

19 Jun 2014

recent art works

So, in between all the faceup work I've had lately I've still been working on my art!
In fact, I'm expanding my office at home so I hope to have more space for my different projects.
Alex bought a 3D printer kit, and one of my upcoming projects involves this. Very exciting!



Earlier this year I completed the work for Dust of Dolls new model, Meël.
And soon I will be working on the Krots, Ketë and Ärie!

10 Jan 2014

new year and new info!

Happy new year! It's time to have a look at some of the questions I get asked a lot that maybe isn't covered in the original FAQ.

Are you open?
Yes! As from April 2012 I have always been open. I run a shop system now which has been working the best for me and my customers.
There are no lists or waiting queues, if you want to commission me, you can fill in the form at any time, submit it any time, and pay any time! The link is on my website right at the top. Many customers like to pay straight away so there's no 'payment due' hanging over them, but many also prefer to pay once the work is complete, and I am happy to do either - the choice is yours.
Ok so there is a downside to being available and working all the time :

How come it takes around 3 months for a head to be complete?
Answered above! Feedback over the years has shown me that customers would rather have me available at all times throughout the year with a guarantee of work rather than have a limited, small amount of work finished in a month.
Can I do a faceup in a few days? Yes, if I only have one doll to work on. I usually have around 50 at a time though, not including the work I do for Dust of Dolls.
You can see why this is also why I don't do waitlists - there won't be a time when I have nothing, or less, to do. I have to work through the heads I have in my possession, there's a lot, so it takes a long time. Especially since each is head is a different, custom work, and requires specific care and attention.
Will you work on recasts?
No. I have already written in my general FAQ that I do not accept recasts and ask that you please respect this. However, I have painted many dolls -  I have had suspicions, but I can't be 100% sure, so I can't do anything about it.
Do you work on other types of dolls?
At the moment I only work on resin BJDs such as the examples in my gallery. I do also paint Makie dolls, which are priced differently to BJDs so please contact me before ordering if you'd like to me to paint one of these!
I don't paint Blythe, Pullip, or Monster High unfortunately. Keep an eye on my blog because this may change in the future - I own both a Blythe and some Monster High and hope to practise painting them up to a commissionable standard!

Feel free to ask me any other questions you'd like answered on the FAQ!