2 Sep 2014

Dollism and Diamonds

I am pleased to say that I'll be taking part in the Faceup Workshop for Dollism Plus USA!

I'll be travelling to America as part of an epic vacation with Alex, and the convention fits into the first half of the trip.
So, I'll be spending four days in New York city, three in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, then driving through upstate New York over another four days (and staying in a gorgeous cottage!) and then flying down to Orlando for five days to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios (Harry Potter land woo!).

Before that though, I've been working hard on a few projects to complete before we leave. August was Den of Angels 10th anniversary, so again I took part in the annual faceup contest! (Just for fun since I've won the past two years :P)
This years theme was Diamonds and/or Tin.

It was really fun to experiment with themes I wouldn't normally work with.

Better get back to work now!