31 May 2015

Faceup Shop Announcement

The Krots have invaded my studio!

These are my own little Krots from Dust of Dolls -  Ärie and Këte.

Nice to meet you!
While those little creatures have been creating havoc, I've been continuing with my painting.

And so today I bring the news that I will be closing my BJD Faceup Shop for the time being. I will be be continuing with my current orders and working with Dust of Dolls too, and also creating some 'one of a kind' faceups on dolls. But to do those things I have to have time to focus on them.

I won't be closing straight away, the date the shop will close is 7th June 2015, so that you can make your last orders.
Thank you all very much for your support over the years! I may decide to open up again in the future but for now I am pursuing my own personal creativity.


18 Mar 2015

updated shop & portfolio!

I've updated the links up the top for my portfolio and shop now!
For the shop, I'm offering my prints for sale at Society 6 for now, that may change in the future but because of how busy I am with other work this is the most convenient option.

There's a new piece I've been working on which is available now, along with some of my older works.

19 Feb 2015

From concept to creation

Last year I was commissioned to paint ten limited edition krot këte and ärie by Dust of Dolls for the Ldoll festival.
What a pleasure it was to have these little creations to work on! It was such a special project that I decided to capture the work in progress stages, even some of the concept ideas I went through before finalising the design.

Materials :
Acrylic paint - watered down and used with a long thin brush.
Soft Pastels - ground onto rough paper, and applied dry with soft brushes.
Sealant - Vallejo Premium Acrylic Matt Varnish for airbrush.

8 Jan 2015

recent work, and it's 2015

Happy New Year!
Some of my latest paintings, I've been working on making more dedicated original pieces and exploring different techniques.

And more coming soon!