31 May 2015

Faceup Shop Announcement

The Krots have invaded my studio!

These are my own little Krots from Dust of Dolls -  Ärie and Këte.

Nice to meet you!
While those little creatures have been creating havoc, I've been continuing with my painting.

And so today I bring the news that I will be closing my BJD Faceup Shop for the time being. I will be be continuing with my current orders and working with Dust of Dolls too, and also creating some 'one of a kind' faceups on dolls. But to do those things I have to have time to focus on them.

I won't be closing straight away, the date the shop will close is 7th June 2015, so that you can make your last orders.
Thank you all very much for your support over the years! I may decide to open up again in the future but for now I am pursuing my own personal creativity.


1 comment:

Xanadu said...

I only found your blog today, and what a lovely surprise it is! I love your face ups and those little Krots in their sweet wee bonnets are to die for. :)

Sad to see you are closing your face up commissions, but I am pleased to see you are following your heart and doing what's right for you. Your artwork is wonderful and I shall be following your blog with much interest.