How much does it cost?
A faceup on any size costs £60 GBP (British Sterling) per head. You may send as many as you'd like.
Removing the previous faceup is an extra £10
I can supply simple black eyelashes for £5. If you would like a different style then please send them with the head and I will apply them as part of the faceup cost.
With my commission system you can choose to pay when you make the order or I can invoice you once the work is complete.

What return shipping do you use?
I ship to all countries world wide. In the UK, we have Airsure which I will use wherever possible – this method doesn't apply for all countries. If Airsure isn't available then I will use International Signed For. You can check the details of these methods on the RoyalMail website.
I charge :
£7 for UK Special Delivery
£12 for EU Airsure/International Signed For
£16 for Worldwide Airsure/International Signed For

How long does it take?
This can vary depending on what kind of faceup you'd like, the doll sculpt and my workload. Usually one head will be complete within two months – so if you send three heads then it could take three or four months.
But with my new system (implemented on 28/4/2013) I hope to be able to complete them much quicker.

What do I need to send with the doll?
You can send just the head, or with headcap if you like. I generally recommend just sending the part I will paint to keep the weight of the package lower (for shipping costs)
Please also provide the face cover, especially if you'd like eyelashes applied.

Do you do modifications?
As of 28/4/2013 I can do light sanding modifications such as nose reshaping, eye widening, mouth/teeth carving as part of the faceup cost. I prefer not to do eye openings or additive mods, but if you have any special requests then please feel free to contact me caroline@viridianhouse.com

What materials do you use?
I paint with Zoukei-mura acrylics, Rembrandt chalk pastels and other artist quality products.
For sealing and protecting the faceup I use an airbrush to apply matte acrylic varnish in layers.

Are there any dolls you don't paint?
Please don't send me recast dolls to work on.


Please be sure that you understand my style and working method before commissioning me, you can view my work on flickr.
I cannot copy another artist's work, and I also cannot copy exactly a previous faceup I have produced. But I am happy to be inspired by or do similar themes to anything you like.

Due to the nature of the materials and methods used in painting faceups there could be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust or stray pastel, they can also be slightly asymmetrical so please be aware of this if it bothers you.

Any other questions then please feel free to contact me by email caroline@viridianhouse.com or send me a message on the Viridian House facebook & twitter.

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